Designed for safety professionals.

Search & rescue

Public safety


Industrial safety


Global disaster response

Urban inspections

Marine safety

Uniquely portable

The Sentry doesn’t need a specially-designed backpack; it takes up a side pocket of your existing backpack so you can carry the other gear you need.  It’s naturally protected by design.

Impact and water-proof

The Sentry’s crash-rated airframe protects against falls that would leave most UAVs in pieces.  It’s backed by warranty.  It can be submerged in water, and it floats.  The patented propeller guard cable protects the propellers from the majority of impacts.

Easy to use

In response to customer request, we recently installed a more advanced Pixhawk autopilot on board the Sentry capable of auto-landing, map-based waypoint control, return-to-home and more.  This laptop & Android interface gives the user an alternative to our very simple and rugged one-handed tilt-based radio controller.

Payload flexibility

We’re designing an aerial platform that can attach almost any payload, from powerful thermal cameras with HD downlink and automatic moving object detection to haz-mat/CBRN sensors, acoustic triangulators, weather stations and more.  Our modular design allows customers to easily design and attach their own payloads.

Quality materials and design

The Sentry is an aircraft.  The majority of the structure is made of aerospace materials like 7075-grade aluminum, fiberglass sandwich panels, and carbon fiber.  This makes a drone that is lighter and stronger than plastic air-frames used in most consumer drones.

Built for professionals

We set out to build something much more reliable than consumer drones, but at a price reasonable for small volunteer first responder teams.  We’ve built it in response to direct feedback and consultation with several of these organizations.

Check out our applications page.


Aircraft weight 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
Aircraft size (packed) 47 x 10 cm / 18 x 4 in (Length x Diameter)
Flight time per battery 17.8 mins
Control and video range ~ 1 km / 0.6 mi (outdoors, line of sight)
Water protection IP67, buoyant
Shock protection 30 G / 8 m drop onto hard surface*

* The shock protection rating is against structural and functional damage only, not cosmetic scratches.


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The Sentry was made possible by the support of these organizations.

Upcoming Exhibits / Demonstrations:

Earth Day Texas: April 21-23, 2017 – Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

Global Petroleum Show: June 2017, Calgary, Alberta

We’re currently in a redevelopment phase.  Contact us for more information and to inquire about pre-orders.