Search and Rescue

The Sentry improves the speed, efficiency and safety of your team’s search operations.  Sentry operator teams are able to search for subjects in steep ravines and gullies, thick brush, canyons, urban environments and mountains without sending in ground personnel, without the high cost of a helicopter and at night when helicopters are unavailable.

A Sentry can also rapidly survey potential hazards to your SAR team ahead of time, including avalanche and landslide-prone terrain and imminent building collapse.

Built specifically for the needs of rescuers, the Sentry weighs under 1 kg, takes up a small part of your pack and doesn’t take away from your existing rescue gear.


The Sentry is ideal for park rangers, conservation officers, forestry workers and wildlife researchers.  The simplicity, portability and ruggedness of the Sentry in a wet and wild environment is unmatched.

You can get an aerial view with the Sentry’s standard or infrared camera to to track individual wildlife and count populations, map the spread of invasive weeds, conduct forestry surveys, and monitor conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

Did you know that two-thirds of on-the-job wildlife biologist deaths in the US from 1937 to 2000 were due to low flying human-carrying aircraft accidents?  Drones are not only cheaper for wildlife observation missions, but safer as well.


Firefighters can use the infrared-equipped Sentry to keep situational awareness around small fire teams while larger drones operated by central command survey the blaze.  For the extreme environments that firefighters find themselves in regularly, the Sentry is the most rugged and most dependable tool for the job.


Anything that you can get to with a backpack, you can get the Sentry to.  Use it in remote areas during exploration activities to see what’s over the next hill, instead of paying $2000/hr for a fossil-fuel burning helicopter.

You can inspect difficult-to-access power-lines, mine sites, bridges, dams, pipelines, construction sites and other infrastructure (including thermal inspections) at a fraction of the cost of other professional-grade unmanned aerial systems, and without fear of breaking your investment just by doing what you need to do.


The Sentry is designed to rapidly locate humans and animals using advanced HD or thermal imagery.  It can be deployed extremely quickly as an integral part of your alarm response system.


If you’re a filmmaker or photographer who likes to hike, ski, raft or adventure, the 4K-enabled, rugged, waterproof and portable Sentry is your ideal companion.  Or, use it as part of a professional film shoot to scout, frame and set up shots for your larger cinematography drones.