Commercial Use License Exemption

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Terms and conditions:

1. Prohibited entities

The licensed material and all derivatives of it must not be used to aid in the provision of any good or service to any of the following entities:

Military or paramilitary organizations

Immigration enforcement organizations

Civil law enforcement organizations or any private security firm whose officers carry in the normal course of duties any firearm that is classified as Prohibited or Restricted under the Canadian Criminal Code

Oil and gas (fossil fuel) companies including without limitation exploration, extraction, refining and distribution business activities

Agricultural enterprises containing more than 10 ruminant animals (e.g. cows, goats or sheep)

2. Use of intermediaries is prohibited

The use of intermediary entities to circumvent the above rule is prohibited.  If a reasonable person would be aware at the time of providing a licensed-material derived good and/or service that it is likely to be transferred or made available in any way to any of the above prohibited entities, then the commercial license holder must withhold the good and/or service from that entity.

3. Royalties

No royalty is prescribed at this time.  If you find the work particularly useful, we encourage you to make a donation via cheque (US or Canadian dollars) or via Interac e-transfer (Canada only).  Physical and email addresses are on our contact page.  We will use any donated funds to conduct more research and development through our nonprofit renewable energy company  At this time, we believe that climate change mitigation is a more pressing issue than drones and that is where our research and development efforts are currently focused.

If you agree and abide by these commercial use terms and conditions, then you are automatically granted a CC-BY-SA v4.0 license (same as our general non-commercial Creative Commons license but with commercial use allowed.  Again, the strict license terms found on the Creative Commons website at the above link shall apply). Please remember that all licenses we use require attribution (to or