Rapid-response, professional drone piloting services

Live thermal IR video

Live HD video

Recorded aerial video

Surveys and inspections

Emergencies you should call us for:

(We’re available to be dispatched 24/7/365)


We’ll do a quick aerial sweep with our visible and/or thermal cameras which you can use for accident reconstruction purposes.  And of course if there is anyone unaccounted for we can find them.

Missing person

It’s not a replacement for ground searchers, but if someone is lost in the city, surrounding woods or the backcountry, we can help find them with our thermal imaging UAV.

Crisis response

We can monitor crisis events from a safe distance as they unfold, and give law enforcement and conservation officers accurate intelligence and live video.


Whether urban or wildland, we can monitor the fire with thermal imagery to help protect your firefighters, locate survivors and allow you to review your firefighting strategy with recorded aerial footage.

Alarm response

When you get an alarm or suspect an intrusion on to your property we can scour your property with our aerial thermal cameras to find the human or animal culprit.

 Other operations:

Building thermal inspection

We can deliver recorded HD and/or thermal IR video allowing you to:

  • optimize heating and insulation
  • detect leaks in pipes and fluid lines
  • discover damage to solar panels


We provide a very affordable, on-demand look “over that hill” for exploration and mining companies, as well as environmental assessors who are looking to count wildlife populations or do site surveys.


Documentary support and filming

Our ultra-portable equipment is great for going in to the back-country and our people are skilled at wilderness travel.  While we don’t offer 4K cameras, our unique first-responder drones can get places others can’t and provide a unique angle for your film project.

How it works:

Sign up

You don’t have to pay or commit to any call-outs to sign a service contract.  We require a signed contract before giving you access to our 24 hour pilot dispatch phone line or responding to any of your calls.


Flat service rate ($250/hour)

Our flat all-inclusive rate for one pilot and all equipment including our advanced thermal/non-thermal Sentry drone.  Time is calculated from when we depart our premises to when we return to our premises.


No minimum call-out

We don’t charge minimum fees.  Time is billed to the nearest minute.

Additional personnel (+$50/hr)*

We can provide a trained sensor operator who can view the drone’s live feed and give you verbal reports, or people to assist with scene security, for an additional cost.

* We prefer to offer you the services of just our pilot and hand you the live action monitor to view during the mission to save you costs and allow your team to be involved in the mission.  You can direct us to fly where you want (as long as it’s safe) and also direct your personnel after seeing the intel.  In some cases we may not be legally permitted to perform your mission without a second or third person.  We will inform you of this once we know the location and type of operation you require.

Who we are:

Stefan Weissenberg

Stefan Weissenberg

Operations Manager

Stefan has many years’ experience flying drones as a test pilot while developing a new ultra-portable drone for search and rescue in B.C.   He has 38 hours (10 solo) flying two-seater aircraft and extensive knowledge of aviation regulations and drone technology after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, graduating with first class honors.  Stefan has an OFA3 (advanced first aid) certification and currently volunteers for Emergency Medical Services in Yukon communities.  He previously spent 2 years volunteering with ski patrol at Mount Seymour in Vancouver.

Drone McDroney

Drone McDroney


Are you interested in flying for us?


  • A right to work in the US and/or Canada (specify which or both)
  • Sound decision making and ability to work safely on an emergency scene
  • Ability and willingness to learn how to fly our drone safely (good eyesight, hearing, reflexes etc.)
  • Class 5 or equivalent driver’s license with clean abstract/no suspensions
  • Your own reliable vehicle (you will be reimbursed for travel costs)
  • Live close to somewhere with enough of a population to sustain regular drone work
  • Are open to working 24-hour standby shifts (typically either day/night 12-hour-on 12-hour-off shifts or 4-full-days-on, 3-off shifts) (you will be paid a small rate for standby time)
  • RCMP Criminal Check or U.S. equivalent may be required as the job may work with vulnerable populations and/or have access to sensitive/private information gained from the drone


  • Basic or advanced first aid is a plus
  • Have direct first responder or emergency experience, as a volunteer or professional

Contact us to inquire.

Why you should choose us:

  • All our staff understand the importance of response time, professionalism and calmness under pressure.
  • We have obtained area-based permits from Transport Canada and have extensive knowledge of aircraft regulations and general safe flight planning.  Many non-professional drone pilots do not understand the laws and are subject to large fines.
  • We have the knowledge, tools and equipment to repair our own UAVs most of the time on-site should there be an incident, reducing any unexpected downtime.
  • We always carry fire extinguishers, first aid and other safety equipment and we are trained in first aid.
  • We are fair and honest and will never bill you for unsatisfactory work.

Our equipment:


Our own in-house custom-developed drone is extremely portable, waterproof and has a patented propeller protection cable enabling it to endure crashes and keep flying.  It can carry a live-streaming 720p camera, or a 320×240 military-grade thermal infrared camera.  We always carry spares in case of any issues.


This is our hands-free helmet mounted display system which we can supply one of your team members (or our sensor operator) with during the operation.  We also have handheld monitors.


We made this rugged, one handed controller because traditional RC radio controllers didn’t handle the abuse we put them through.



  • Winterized vehicle with a rooftop control tower for additional line of sight
  • We carry a variety of overland personal travel equipment (touring skis, pack-rafts, climbing gear etc.)



  • Iridium Xtreme satellite phone (24 hour)
  • Business telephone line (business hours only)


Download our service agreement, print, sign and send it to us by mail or scanned PDF.  We’ll get in touch.


Inquire more about our services to stefan@riderless.ca


You can mail us at #163-108 Elliot St, Whitehorse Y1A6C4.



Call us at 778-806-1671 during business hours Monday to Friday.  This is not our 24 hour emergency line.


Where are you located?

Our address is on Strickland St, Whitehorse.  We travel to all calls from here via private vehicle (until the government decides we are important enough to have lights and sirens).

Where can you fly?

Anywhere in the Yukon up to 400ft above ground level (AGL) that doesn’t pose a threat to aviation or public safety.  Contact us with your location/s and we’ll let you know whether we can fly there.

What do you deliver to us?
  • Live thermal and/or non-thermal HD video during operations and/or verbal reports
  • Recorded thermal and/or non-thermal HD video (handed over on micro SD card after completion).  We respect confidentiality and will never use or release any customer video other than for our own pilot training purposes.
Do you guarantee availability?

We guarantee that we will be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, except if we are on another call, or we experience unforeseen equipment failures, inclement weather that is unsuitable for flying or driving, or any adverse safety condition.  We are also subject to the conditions of our flight permit/s which may change from time to time.  Our average missed or cancelled call rate is lower than 1%.

Why do you bill for travel time?

While we recognize some missions are far from town and travel time may be expensive, we emphasize that if we are driving to you we are unable to respond to other calls.  The majority of our cost is the acquisition and maintenance of the UAVs themselves and when we are driving to you we cannot utilize them for other customers.  We are working to start up a network of response stations spread across the Yukon.

How do you bill us for return travel if you go straight to another call after ours?

If we are called straight from one to another call, we will split the travel time evenly between the two clients for billing purposes.

How fast do you get to calls?

Our service standard is to depart our station in under 10 minutes from when we hang up the phone.  We are a private company and we do not have the authority to exceed speed limits or other traffic laws when responding.  We are also subject to traffic, road closures, icy or unsafe conditions and the like en route.

What are the advantages of contracting vs. buying our own drones?

There are many costly aspects to starting an in-house drone program:

  • Buying the drone (can be upwards of $65K for advanced equipment)
  • Training in-house pilots to a professional competency standard
  • Maintaining the easily breakable equipment (requires in house engineering knowledge or costly outsourced repairs)
  • Mandatory UAV liability insurance (average about $850 per year per pilot)
  • Filing multiple permit applications to Transport Canada (requires in-depth knowledge of UAV regulations and local aeronautical information)
  • Getting approval from local airspace operators for flights in controlled airspace

Our service handles all these headaches and risks for you and offers an affordable hourly rate.  This is a great advantage if you are just starting out with drones, or if your organization doesn’t have the time or resources to permanently hire aviation professionals.

How do we contact you in an emergency?

We provide our 24 hour emergency phone number to clients once they have signed and delivered our no-commitment service contract.  At this time we don’t use radios.

Who gets priority?

The first priority is public safety emergencies that need us the most.  We will make the final decision on this.  (All clients pay us the same rate.)  That said, we will almost never abandon a call that we have already embarked on to respond to another until that issue is resolved or we make an agreement with the client to come back later.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not require minimum notice to cancel any mission, but if we have already departed we will still bill you for any time taken to travel there, any time spent on site and the time taken to return to our premises.