A lightweight, ultra-portable cost-saving machine

UAVs can save your organization money by the bucket-loads by performing many of the tasks of a $2000/hr helicopter.  And carrying the Sentry doesn’t mean fitting it in a specially-designed backpack; it takes up a side pocket of your existing backpack so you can carry the other gear you need.

Trusted in extreme environments

Don’t fear losing your investment.  The Sentry’s patent-pending propeller guard and tough Lexan® camera dome protect against falls and crashes that would leave most UAVs in pieces.  The IP57-rated and buoyant design also survives moderate rain, unexpected water landings and can even be retrieved from swift-water.

Rapid deployment and recovery

It takes under ten seconds to unpack the Sentry and have it flying, and under ten seconds to catch it and pack it securely for transport.  When your mission is critical, the Sentry doesn’t waste time.

Live HD video

The Sentry gathers real-time aerial intelligence allowing you to act on it swiftly.  Live 720p video is streamed to the portable 5″ display screen.  Recording options are available.

Live thermal infrared video

Gain an immense tactical advantage for your search and rescue, police, fire, security, conservation or inspection mission with our low-cost but powerful IR payload.


Search & Rescue

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The Sentry improves the speed, efficiency and safety of your team’s extra-urban operations.  A 1 or 2-person flight team can rapidly survey hazards ahead of time, including avalanche and landslide-prone terrain.

Sentry operator teams are able to search for subjects in steep ravines and gullies, thick brush, canyons and mountainous terrain without sending in ground personnel, without the high cost of a helicopter and at night when helicopters are unavailable.

Built with the needs of wilderness rescuers in mind, the Sentry weighs under 1 kg, takes up a small part of your pack and doesn’t take away from your existing rescue gear.

Public Safety

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The infrared-equipped Sentry is a lifesaving tool within an emergency zone.  Some situations the Sentry can assist in are:

Police: Tracking and monitoring armed suspects during hostage, sniper and pursuit scenarios, as well as traffic accident and crime scene reconstruction.

Fire/Urban Rescue: Locating survivors using the thermal camera, seeing the extent of a fire by locating hot-spots, evaluating building safety and likelihood of collapse, providing safety for wildfire fighters by preventing encirclement.

Disaster Response: Rapid low-level aerial observation that can be used to produce maps of a disaster zone and speed up relief efforts.


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The Sentry is ideal for park rangers, conservation officers, and forestry and wildlife researchers.  The simplicity, portability and ruggedness of the Sentry in a wet and wild environment is unmatched.  You can get an aerial view with the Sentry’s visible or IR camera to to track animal populations, discover areas of plant growth or infestations, produce ortho-rectified maps of remote areas, and monitor conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

Inspection & Exploration

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Anything that you can get to with a backpack, you can get the Sentry to.  Use it in remote areas during exploration activities to see what’s over the next hill, instead of paying $2000/hr for a fossil-fuel burning helicopter.  You can also inspect difficult-to-access power-lines, mine sites, bridges, dams, pipelines, construction sites and other infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of other professional-grade unmanned aerial systems.


“The resolution on the camera’s great, it’s exactly what we need to look over obstacles, find out the situation, how we’re going to approach it” Peter LeCouffe

SAR Technician, Kaslo Search and Rescue

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We gratefully acknowledge the support given by the Canadian Government and NRC-IRAP for development of the Sentry and other products.

Tech Specs

Aircraft weight 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
Aircraft size (packed) 47 x 10 cm / 18 x 4 in (Length x Diameter)
Flight time per battery 17.8 mins
Control and video range ~ 1 km / 0.6 mi (outdoors, line of sight)
Water protection IP67, buoyant
Shock protection 30 G / 8 m drop onto hard surface*

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Can you explain more about the cameras?

The standard camera transmits live 720p video to the portable display screen up to one km.  Recording options are available.

The IR camera currently transmits analog video only.  We are working on a digital solution.  IR video can be recorded from on-board the UAV.

Where's the GPS?

Position-holding capability using GPS is something we hope to add in the very near future.

The Sentry is a close-range aerial scout that operates in line of sight in very unforgiving terrain where GPS is often denied (including indoors).  GPS is great for some aerial applications, but waiting for GPS locks to initialize, taking time to set up way-points, and possibly losing your lock in mid-flight is a lot less effective in an emergency than trusting the hands of a skilled pilot.  Using our intuitive controller the aircraft is very easy to control even in moderate winds.

The Sentry’s controller has altitude lock as well as a feature allowing you to control it relative to your viewpoint rather than the aircraft’s (smart orientation control).

What if I am a distributor/Do you offer any volume discounts?

Please email us directly.

Product demonstrations/Media inquiries?

Due to the high workload required for demonstrations (including Transport Canada permit applications, travel and setup time) we only perform in-person demonstrations of the product in rare circumstances.  We may be able to demonstrate if you:

  • Are located near one of our offices (see contact page for address)
  • Are willing to have the demonstration in a remote or rural area, or indoors, which does not require an SFOC
  • Are associated with the media
  • Are willing to wait until 2017 when the Transport Canada rules will largely de-regulate our small UAV

We encourage you to review our website regularly for updated and improved videos of our products in action and contact us with any questions you may have.

Do you give out free products?

We do not.  This includes samples for distributors, licensing partners, customers and anyone else.  Products are to be paid for in full.  You have 1 year to return your purchase in good condition for a full refund.