Three Places to Use a UAV

Three Places to Use a UAV

If you’re new to the UAV world and/or just getting started flying you might be wondering where to launch your UAV.  There are certain areas that are completely off limits such as U.S. Military Bases and U.S. National Parks if you are in the States.  You also can not fly your UAV within a five mile radius of airports.  Luckily that leaves plenty of other places to enjoy all that your UAV can offer.  Here’s some ideas on places where you can get started.

Open Field

If you are still in the stage of flying your UAV for the first couple of times, it is important to practice in an open, clear area where you can really learn how to control your device.  If you are also testing a certain part of your UAV this is a great place to try it out before taking it around trees or any bodies of water at all.

This is a safer alternative than flying your UAV in a dangerous or wooded area when you are still learning how to navigate.  If you crash your device in an open field you will most likely be able to tell exactly what happened when your UAV goes down.  You also won’t have to spend time looking for it like you would have to in a wooded area.

Ocean Shore

Once you have learned how to maneuver your UAV and feel comfortable taking your flying to the next level you can bring it out over the shore.  Like an open field, you will hopefully have some space to get away from the crowds depending on what day and time you go out to fly.  Make sure that the area you choose to fly in isn’t federally controlled land.

If you are brave enough to take your drone over water the footage and sights you will be able to see from this angle may blow you away.  You can also head out to the beach early in the morning to get pictures of the sun rise or late in the evening to capture the sunset.

View of the City

It is best to try this one out after you have had success with the other two locations and feel completely confident.  There are a couple things you are going to have to watch out for in the city.  You will have to be especially careful of where the use of UAV’s is prohibited.  Most of the popular tourist areas and monuments will most likely be prohibited.  Also, don’t forget to avoid flying near airports.  It is best to be aware of the radius before you take your UAV out.

Do your research beforehand so you are prepared!  There are many resources online where you can find maps of the areas where you can legally fly UAV’s in major cities online.


The possibilities for UAV flying are endless.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and look into different places where you can take your UAV out and explore.  However, be cautious of your skill level and the people and surrounding areas before you fly.