Now serving: Virtual Reality Drone Flights for Hospice Patients

Now serving: Virtual Reality Drone Flights for Hospice Patients

Riderless is partnering with Aerial Anthropology, a drone film production company based in Cleveland, OH who has started a revolutionary program to provide real-time flying virtual reality opportunities for patients in palliative care.  Patients are able to communicate directly with the pilot in real-time and ask the pilot to fly wherever they want to go.

We will be providing piloting services for the Patient Outreach Program based out of the remote, beautiful and rugged Yukon, which patients will be able to experience firsthand.  For many people, traveling to the North is something they’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or the opportunity.  Now it’s possible for people who can no longer travel due to serious illness.

We will be using the Sentry unmanned aerial vehicle coupled with VLC media player to stream live HD video directly from the air to a large flat-screen TV in the patient’s bedroom with nearly zero delay.  The extreme portability and ruggedness of the Sentry serve us well when hiking through the thick, wiry brush and sub-alpine forest to access high alpine glaciers and meadows for the true Yukon experience.

Being designed for operation in temperatures as low as -30 C, the Sentry can also keep flying after other drones succumb to the frigid and long Yukon winters.

evan drone river packed

Riderless is excited to engage in this groundbreaking program in partnership with Aerial Anthropology, merging UAVs, virtual reality and patient care into an affordable and amazing experience.

For more information on the Patient Outreach Program, contact Aerial Anthropology.